lame old make-up test from a few months ago

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Anonymous said: Hi! I hope you don't mind my questions: 1) In your opinion, what are the most important qualities a woman must possess? 2) What is your ultimate motivation? 3) How do you plan to navigate the rest of your 20s? 4) What do you live by? 5) If you found out you only had 1 year to live... what would you prioritize doing?


  1. Confidence, passion, intelligence, misandry 
  2. I never really thought I had the proper state of mind to have children, but for the past few years I’ve been really embracing the idea of creating a family (in the far, far future.) I want to adopt children from around the world, but mostly from disenfranchised regions in the US, and provide them with the security and happiness that I didn’t have when I was a child. I also think about building my Mother a huge house in Jamaica. 
  3. Ultimate quote that everyone needs to live by and essentially my mantra: “How do you make God laughMake a plan.” Really, all I want to do is hopefully do research (or attend school) abroad and further my education.  
  4. Don’t over think it and 
  5. I guess I would finally suck it up and tell the person I’m in love with how I feel. Then, I would call my American Express concierge service and travel around the world with my Mother. Sorry, I won’t be able to pay the bill, because I’m dying, y’all. And I would finish writing my book.